Shay (Lead Singer)

Shernette May is the founder and the lead singer of the band the “Reggae Rocks Project” born in South London her music career started at the age of 7 bringing an audience of church goers to tears singing her rendition of a gospel song called ‘The Blood’.

Shernette known also as “Shay” is of Jamaican origin and family history suggests that she is a distant relative of the late Dennis Brown ‘the Prince of reggae’.

As an aspiring singer and musician, Shay went on to audition as a teenager for a place in the prestigious Choral gospel choir. Her attempts were not successful nevertheless with her determination, tenacity, drive and commitment Shay signed her first publishing deal in 1997 writing for artists such as Tina Turner and many others, this was quickly followed by a record deal with Virgin records in 1998 where she recorded an Album entitled “You and I” with the production duo Absolute.

A significant influence of musical genre was Rock. Shernette aka Shay formed the first ever all black female UK rock band called the ‘Cherry Brakewells,’ Shay was the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the band.. Playing at the famous House of Blues in Los Angeles, packed audience at the Water Rats in Kings Cross, Worked with the Bass player from Skunk Anansai, the producers of The Darkness’ Pedro, they were are working band on the circuit for 5 years hailed in the Metro as the one’s to watch.

After taking a break from music Shay is now returning with the Reggae Rocks Project using her musical influences and fusing her sultry vocals on British reggae lover’s rock, rock music and gospel.

The Reggae Rocks Project is exciting for Shay as she is always looking to push the envelope and she can release her creativity in both music and fashion to bring about a revival of British Lovers Rock, which in turn could usher in a completely new genre of music.